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1) What is trademark?

A trademark is a mark in which goodwill is associated or will be associated. It can be a word mark or a logo or both

2) What is a service mark?

A service mark is a mark in which the organizations’ services are distinguished.

3) What is a collective mark?

A collective mark is a design which distinguishes the geographical origin, material, mode of manufacture or other characteristics of different organizations using same mark.

4) What is a trademark class?

The Trademark act distinguishes goods and services in 45 different classes for simplifying the trademark procedure.

5) What trademark applications are commonly rejected?

The trademark which is filed without search or which is used prior is usually rejected

6) When can I use the R and TM symbol?

TM is used after filing of mark and after registration of mark R is used.

7) What are the advantages of trademark registration?

The mark is likely to be used by the competitors if registered under the Trademarks Act.

8) What is the procedure to get a trademark registered?

Search of the availability of name followed by filing of the trademark application

9) How much time does it take to get the certificate?

It takes 18 months for registration

10) For how long is it valid?

Ten Years